Holly Soloman's Kitchen

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Mosaic and colour collides to create the best kind of kitchen

This is Holly Solomon’s kitchen. Well, it’s a kitchen in nothing but name – it is more an object, a brilliant cacophony of colour, a literally smashing creation of mosaic and haphazard tiling that comes together to create a room that you are entirely inspired by, but probably not in the culinary sense. As Solomon herself said to the New York Times in 1984, “I don’t know how to find an egg in it. But for me it’s a painting I can walk into.” Designed by artist Doreen Gallo, and loved by AnOther’s assistant editor Tish Wrigley, it is the perfect piece of seasonal decoration inspiration; all the optimism of May Day in a room that is wilfully defying its original purpose– the oven doesn’t work and the pot for wooden spoons is filled with paintbrushes.

So as we prepare for May bank holiday excitements, we sit down with Wrigley to discuss dream interiors and springtime plans, alongside a gallery of the dream kitchen items from Loves - including Audrey Hepburn baking. 

Why did you choose to love this?
My house is a vision in dated Kelly Hoppen taupe – testament to my lack of design courage. This is the kitchen my brave (and rich) alter ego would have.

What’s your favourite kitchen (that you’ve been to)?
The happiest kitchen of all time is the one at my friends Emma, Joss and Martha’s old house in Oswaldkirk. I spent some of the funniest and most brilliant days and nights round the table, raiding the larder, drinking all the wine and sneaking “secret” cigarettes from the pots.

Which artist/designer would you choose to design your dream kitchen?
I’d want a blend of supremely high tech kitchen kit and demented colour and design – so can I get the unlikely alliance of Monica Galleti from Masterchef and the mastermind behind this madness?

What’s your favourite room in your house?
My sitting room is fun – lots of books, wooden floors, and a beautiful picture by the artist Emilie Pugh.

What’s your favourite kitchen moment in popular culture?
I’ve stolen it from Daisy Woodward, but it’s currently the closing scene from Mermaids.

What’s your signature dinner party dish?
Slow cooked lamb with pomegranate. So signature that it may be sliding into a cliché. 

What’s been your boldest interior design moment to date?
The “statement wall” of horrid Austin Powers-style wallpaper that the previous owner installed behind the fridge and I have left untouched out of idleness for five years. And hanging my brother’s extraordinary birthday present – a series of framed, signed prints of notable ‘Allo ‘Allo characters. 

What are you most looking forward to in May?
On Monday I am theoretically transforming my barren roof terrace into a garden of wonders. We have ten hours to make it look like this.