Easter Special: Silver Claw-Foot Egg Cup

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Egg Cup Cut Out[2]

Trust Fortnum and Mason to make the most luxurious, and Loves Vote winning, Easter present around

We believe the Friday bank holiday should provide a unique type of pleasure, that joy of waking and realising that today you will eschew the traditional wild eyed dash for the tube with half dried hair and an ill-conceived outfit, and instead your morning will begin with a langorous stretch, donning the fluffiest available dressing gown and, the piece de resistance, a leisurely and delicious breakfast. This Good Friday, AnOther's Lovers have decreed that your breakfast should be served in the utmost luxury, namely this antique silver egg cup, made by Fortnum and Mason, and Loved by social media and editorial assistant Daisy Woodward.

Despite not traditionally being a time for presents, Easter has arrived in a veritable swirl of present inspiration – mostly of course of the chocolate variety. Multi-coloured eggs, ravishing Easter bunnies and chocolate masquerading as coconuts are all making our mouths water as lent finally draws to a close, while for those more sartorially minded, there is a wealth of Easter themed garments just waiting to make Sunday lunch as festive or as fanciful as you choose. So with just two days to go before the big egg handover on Sunday, we give you some last minute Easter inspiration, while asking Woodward to describe her ideal bank holiday break. 

Why did you love this egg cup?
It’s really beautiful and evocative of an era when novelty items were chic, not sickly.

How would you like the egg inside it to be cooked?
I like my egg softly boiled for 5 and a half minutes, accompanied by buttered soldiers.

Where would you keep it if you owned it?
I would keep it proudly displayed in my kitchen cabinet – a space reserved for all our nicest kitchen utensils (the ugly, practical stuff is shoved in the cupboard under the sink).

How would you spend your perfect Easter?
In my family cottage in Wales, which is happily where I’m headed this Easter .

What chocolate would you like the Easter bunny to bring you?
My favourite chocolate is Cadbury’s fruit and nut. Boring but delicious.

What are you looking forward to about Spring?
Longer, lighter days and my best friend’s wedding in June – does that just count as spring?

What was the last thing you bought?
A flapjack from Pod in preparation for the Easter sugar onslaught.