The Ladybird Alphabet Series

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R is for Rabbit
R is for Rabbit© Ladybird Books

We take a trip down memory lane this Happy Monday courtesy of the iconic Ladybird alphabet

We're feeling a tad sentimental this Happy Monday, this series of illustrations from the Ladybird publishing house archive having transported us back to our early childhood days. The Ladybird alphabet – with each letter brought to life through the depiction of a corresponding object – assisted many of us as we learnt our ABCs but looking back at them as adults, the prints' aesthetic value as playful and beautifully simple artworks now renders them delightfully collectable. Here we spell out AnOther, from "apple" through "rabbit", for your delectation; Wes Anderson fans, eat your hearts out.

Happy Monday! #anotherhappymonday

These prints are available to buy, along with other iconic images from the Ladybird archive, from Easyart.