The Secret World of Plywood

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Plywood© Michael Anderson

To brighten up Blue Monday, we present you with the hidden textures and patterns that lie beneath the surface of plywood

Who'd have thought that plywood could be a thing of beauty? But beneath the seemingly mundane material is a realm of exquisitie geometric patterns that is varied in design and texture. This has been brought to light by L.A. based arhcitecture student Michael Anderson, through his use of a CNC (computer numerical control machine) which operates control machine tools like routers, unearthing the intricate designs – some appearing like beautiful, honeycomb ceilings, others resembling undulating sand dunes. And suddenly an ordinary piece of plywood has transformed into a work of art. Here we present a selection of Anderson's best findings in the hope that these surprise offerings will help you on your way to the happiest of Mondays.

Happy Monday! #anotherhappymonday