Mesmerising Mushrooms

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Rhodotus Palmatus mushroom
Rhodotus PalmatusSource:

This week’s Happy Monday proves that mushrooms are magical things indeed

Nature never fails to amaze; everywhere you look there are creatures and organisms of all sorts of unbelievable shapes, sizes, colours and textures, and mushrooms are no exception. When one traditionally pictures a mushroom, it tends to be brown or grey, with a bulbous umbrella head balanced on a lengthy stem. But as mushroom and fungi fanatics will tell you, there is a whole world of extraordinary specimens out there, and this Happy Monday, we're shedding light on just a few of these with a selection of breathtaking photographs found on The Open Mind. From violet-coloured, and wonderfully named, Amethyst Deceivers to the surprisingly slush-puppy-esque Leratiomyces and the orange honeycomb formations of the Favolaschia Calocera, we hope these brightly coloured beauties help to cheer up a wintery Monday morning. 

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