Chris Cunningham's Playlist

Get a musical insight into the brain of thrilling artistic pioneer Chris Cunningham, with his exclusive playlist for AnOther

Read the full interview with Chris Cunningham in the latest issue of Another Man, out now.

Debussy: Voiles

Æthenor: Deep In Ocean Sunk The Lamp of Light Part 1

Luigi Nono: La Fabbrica Illuminata

Colin Stetson: Red Horse (Judges II)

In the Gold Rush Dust: Cocteau Twins

Xenakis: Orient Occident

The Garden: I'm a Woman

Herbert Eimert: Epitaph For Aikichi Kuboyama (1960-1962)

"On a warm west coast night, on the corner of an unremarkable drive in the northeast hills of LA, something strange is happening behind a closed garage door. A pulsing laser pierces the edges, illuminating nearby trees in shards of electric violet. Smoke creeps out, clinging to the cracked concrete as it forms a rolling plume. A low, unnatural humming disturbs the black air… Chris Cunningham is back at work."

For the latest issue of Another Man, editor Ben Cobb ventured beyond the garage door to discover what has been going on during Cunningham's decade long absence from the spotlight. A lot, it turns out. A move from London to LA, marriage to Jenny Lee Lindberg, bass player of Warpaint and full immersion in "R & D" – research and development into "pioneering software that, in one revolutionary leap, he hopes will free him from the limits of traditional filmmaking to explore a new realm of audio-visual art". The work is on the brink of release, and so while the world awaits, Cunningham gave AnOther a musical insight into his current state of mind, with a playlist featuring "some old favorites and some more recent likes... all on heavy rotation".

Bernard Parmegiani: Geologie Sonore