My Day With Leo

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© @mydaywithleo, Instagram
© @mydaywithleo, Instagram

This Happy Monday, we take a trip around New York with Leonardo DiCaprio, courtesy of amazing Instagram account @MyDayWithLeo

Few would turn down the chance to roam around New York City with Leonardo DiCaprio; fewer still will ever get that opportunity. But that doesn't deter Joel Strong, a locations scout and talent manager based in the city. Armed with various Leo cut-outs, clipped from books and magazines, and his smartphone, Strong takes to the streets, manually superimposing little Leos from different stages of the actor's career into everyday settings. The results are hilarious, and are uploaded for Instagrammers' delectation to Strong's account, @mydaywithleo. A Man in the Iron Mask Leo tops the body of a casual scooterer; a smouldering Romeo Leo hangs out in the subway; a grandma finds her head replaced by a baby-faced This Boy’s Life Leo; wherever Strong lays his Leos, magic occurs. 

Still a Leo-lover, in recent months Strong has decided to expand his repertoire, occasionally throwing other celebrities into the mix, as with his latest project, a mydaywithleo tinder experiment. Using only images from the Instagram feed, Strong created a tinder profile for himself, in search of matches on the merits of little Leo alone. For every date he's been on so far, Strong has posted a picture of his match topped by a supermodel, to similarly brilliant effect, alongside a description of the date. So if you're keen to hang out with Leo and Joel, you'd better get swiping.

In the meantime... Happy Monday! #anotherhappymonday