#WordWeek: Logos by Mike Frederiqo

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Chanel by Mike Frederiqo
Chanel by Mike FrederiqoCourtesy of Mike Frederiqo

We welcome you to AnOthermag.com's Word Week with a novel reinterpretation of fashion logos by artist Mike Frederiqo

They are instantly recognisable. They represent the style and chic of the most important entities in fashion. They are international shorthand for credibility and quality. It sounds melodramatic but fashion logos really are an integral part of a house's identity; something recognised by designer Mike Frederiqo who has recreated some of fashion's most famous logos using the designers themselves. So Chanel's interlocking Cs are formed of a stern faced Coco in trademark bouclé, US Vogue is scribed in Anna Wintour wearing characteristic shades and an uncharacteristic smile and Marc Jacobs pops out of a paper bag and poses in his kilt. Irreverent yet faithful to the brands, Frederiqo's creations are the perfect way to start #WordWeek.