Watch: Inside Arthur Parkinson’s Beautiful Gardens

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In a new video premiering on Nowness, “poet of the environment” Arthur Parkinson journeys through the various gardens he tends, while discussing the importance of preserving Earth’s ecosystem

As the charming Arthur Parkinson can attest, gardens are much more than one of life’s simple pleasures. The fresh-faced gardener and writer has been garnering attention on his Instagram with informative posts showcasing his vibrant flowerbeds, brimming with wildly lush flora – as well as the odd hen pic – inspiring a new generation of sustainable, green-thumbed folk. In a new addition to the short film series Great Gardens on Nowness, Parkinson tours his own gardens as well as those of his loved ones, which he tends to in Nottingham.

In the short film, Parkinson touches on the collective power of flowers. We watch beds of flowers become one in a swaying meadow, and survival honeypots for insects and wildlife. Declaring the growth of nature is “the best use of land”, the young horticulturist empowers a positive change; whether on a grand allotment or a window planter in the city, he proves the prospects are endless, opening a fresh dialogue to take stock of all that could be lost if climate change issues continue to be neglected. “I look back at my schooling, but they weren’t interested in telling us what birdsong was, or what flowers were or what bees were,” Parkinson discloses from his greenhouse. “And that’s a massive problem. You have to make children love it, because if you love it, you’re going to nurture it.”

The Great Gardens series is in partnership with BBC Earth, and through film, explores lush natural wonders from sub-tropical landscapes to coastal retreats. Previous gardens in the series have included Derek Jarman’s seaside arcadia at Prospect Cottage and Chanel designer Pascal Brault’s flourishing oasis. “One of the many things that I love about making these films is that you soon realise that the gardens are great because of the people who create and nurture them,” says the series’ director, Toby Amies. “Arthur Parkinson is a poet of the environment and an inspiration, because his gardening is not an extension of his ego, but instead an expression of his desire to create beauty and meaning in the spaces occupied by the people he loves.”