A List of Ways You Can Help the People of Ukraine

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The flag of Ukraine
The flag of Ukraine

In the wake of the terrifying news of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, here are three ways you can help


Citing the inevitable psychological and physical damage caused by the Russian invasion, The British Red Cross has launched an emergency appeal to help the Ukrainian people. You can donate here.

Sunflower of Peace is raising funds for first aid medical backpacks used by paramedics and doctors on the front line.

Voices of Children is a charitable foundation providing psychological support to children affected by the war in eastern Ukraine.


Over the weekend, you can show your solidarity in London at a Downing Street protest on Saturday 26 February, from 12pm onwards – the protest aims to secure tougher sanctions against Russia (like banning energy trade and disconnecting Russia from Visa and Mastercard), and demanding medical and military support for Ukraine. The Ukrainian Embassy in London’s Twitter page is a good source of information on current events.

Alternatively, you can protest outside of the Russian Embassy, located on Kensington Palace Gardens – it’s set to be a busy protest spot over the weekend.


You can write to your local MP via email or via a letter in the post – find out how to get in touch here. An influx of letters and emails like this will encourage the British government to place heavier sanctions on the Russian government.

As Olya Kuryshchuk, founder and editor-in-chief of 1 Granary, says: “Public pressure can save Ukraine. Demand from your governments to shut the flight zones, apply harder sanctions, and cut Russia from SWIFT to stop a humanitarian disaster in Europe. DEMAND ACTION!”