Eight New Podcasts You Should be Listening to This Summer

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Extreme wellness, cult cinema and sordid 80s scandals: we round up the most captivating new productions of the last few months

Call Me Mother

Journalist and author Shon Faye chats with a range of trailblazing LGBTQ+ elders in her first-ever podcast, Call Me Mother. The nine-episode show (there are more in the pipeline) examines queer history through a series of moving and enlightening personal narratives. There are stories from a former high-ranking Scientology lieutenant, Britain’s first openly trans army officer, and a pioneer of London’s lesbian punk (“rebel dyke”) scene, to name just a few. “We still often think about radicalism or change as something that has to come from the young,” Faye told AnOther earlier this year. “It was interesting to talk to people who have bucked that trend.”

Welcome To Your Fantasy

In the 1980s, Chippendales – otherwise known as “male exotic dancers” – were a global phenomenon, touring the world to gyrate for crowds of enraptured women. Smeared in oil, and wearing nothing but their signature bow ties, cuffs and spandex trousers, these men would help build a multi-million-dollar erotic empire. But what many don’t know is the bizarre and sinister underbelly of this tale – a sordid, secretive backstory of drugs, greed, corruption, arson, and even murder. In Gimlet’s new podcast, Welcome To Your Fantasy, historian Natalia Petrzela dives into these murky depths, and you’ll be shocked at the dirt she finds.

The MUBI Podcast

MUBI’s first foray into podcasting is just about everything you’d hope it would be. The streaming service, known for its expertly curated arthouse films, has just completed its premiere season, spotlighting lesser known international films that have “great importance” in their home country. Host Rich Gagliano meets filmmakers, critics, academics and historians to dissect these cult cinematic releases, from countries as diverse as China, Russia, Nigeria, Brazil, India, the Netherlands. 


The wellness industry is booming. These days – and particularly post-pandemic – we are desperate to try anything that could beautify our bodies, soothe our minds, or heal our shattered souls. Comedians and best friends Kate Berlant and Jacqueline Novak are on the same quest. In their new podcast POOG (read it backwards), the pair serve as intrepid explorers of this trillion-dollar industry, trying the latest products and extreme wellness practices, and consulting healers and experts. Does any of it actually work? Or are we all hopelessly chasing a blissed-out state that doesn’t really exist?


It’s hard to know what anyone is talking about these days. The online discourse morphs, twists and contorts at a rapid rate, sucking in new protagonists and villains, making it hard to keep up. Why are Tumblr users going on strike? Why are Tiktokers drowning themselves in water? What is DaBaby, and why should I hate it? Find out the answers to all of these questions on ICYMI, a new weekly podcast from Slate. It will keep you fairly up to date with what everyone’s talking about, so you can contribute meaningfully to any internet-related discussions (and not feel like such a wizened old crone in front of your younger, more TikTok-savvy friends). 

Anything For Selena

On March 31, 1995, Selena Quintanilla – a Grammy-award-winning Mexican-American pop singer – was violently murdered by the president of her fan club. The news shocked the world, but particularly the Latinx community, who felt an inextricable connection to the musician. It was a feeling shared by Maria Garcia who, in her new podcast Anything For Selena, reflects on the personal impact of Selena’s killing, and explores what it can teach us about race, class and belonging in the United States today.

In Conversation

A MATCHESFASHION podcast is back, bringing with it a new series of inspiring conversations between artists and fashion designers, exploring the relationship between these different – but related – creative spheres. With a new episode each month, the series begins with a conversation between the Uruguayan designer Gabriela Hearst and the American artist, photographer and filmmaker Laurie Simmons, who discuss their careers and creative practices, along with their inspirations.

Dior Talks

Founded in March 2020, Dior Talks is a series of podcasts platforming the artists and intellectuals who have influenced the French fashion house. The latest season, which debuted this spring, sees Dior creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri select a group of women who have inspired her both professionally and personally. The conversations that ensue are diverse and engaging, with poets, dancers and artists sharing the details of their creative practice.