What We’ve Been Listening to in 2020

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The AnOther team share the sounds that have defined their years, from a 19th-century opera to the debut album by Blessed Are the Hearts That Bend

Susannah Frankel, Editor-in-Chief

Especially Parsifal. My mother and I go and see it together when it’s in London and so I always think of her when I listen to it which, because I haven’t been able to spend as much time with her this year I would normally, makes me feel closer to her. George Michael’s Freedom. Because we’re not.

Alexander Fury, Fashion Features Director

“I weirdly feel like my parents, in that I don’t listen to any contemporary music, really. Dua Lipa had a good song, didn’t she? I’ve mostly been listening to Michael Nyman.”

Katie Shillingford, Fashion Director (Women’s)

Civic Jams by Darkstar and Ghostin by Wesley Joseph
“My husband has worked on these so I’ve heard them a lot seeing as I’ve been at home a lot! They are also really great and lovely, talented people!”

Ellie Grace Cumming, Fashion Director (Men’s)

Idiot Prayer: Nick Cave Alone at Alexandra Palace by Nick Cave
Nick filmed an emotional live performance at Alexandra Palace during Lockdown 1, the first ‘live’ music I had heard in 2020, ending with a moving tribute to his son Arthur.

Sophie Bew, Editor

“I sound like a bit of a Debbie Downer but I haven’t found much solace in new music this year. I’ve been looking to cheesy Italian American crooners from the 50s like Al Martino on sunshiney days and Wagner’s Tristan & Isolde on darker ones.”

Hannah Lack, Managing Editor

Is My Destroyer by Blessed Are the Hearts That Bend
“The lush soundscapes and droney guitars of Is My Destroyer the debut album by Blessed Are the Hearts That Bend (on Berlin-based label Vaagner), feel like the soundtrack to an imaginary film. A mix of field recordings gathered across the country, rich rushes of strings and woozy synths that morph and spiral and melt together.”