Beirut Re-Store: Inside a New Sale Raising Money for Lebanon

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Jamie Hawkesworth
Jamie HawkesworthCourtesy of Beirut Re-Store

A curation of objects spanning fashion, art, photography and lifestyle, Beirut Re-Store features contributions from the likes of Jamie Hawkesworth, Jonathan Anderson, Rafael Pavarotti and many more

Today sees the launch of Beirut Re-Store, a new online marketplace selling an array of objects – spanning fashion, art, photography and lifestyle – to raise money for vetted non-governmental organisations, working to provide both long- and short-term relief to those affected by the Beirut explosion, an event that left 200 dead, 6,500 injured and an estimated 300,000 homeless in August of this year.

Beirut Re-Store features contributions from over 100 designers, artists, photographers and other creative practitioners, including Jamie Hawkesworth, Jonathan Anderson, Rafael Pavarotti and Fay Wei Wei. Photographers Harley Weir, Jack Davison, Johnny Dufort and Senta Simond have donated prints, while Grace Wales Bonner, Kiko Kostadinov, Martine Rose and Vaquera have shared clothes, in addition to the Dior and Yohji Yamamoto archives, with many more besides.

Working in collaboration with non-profit organisation Creatives For Lebanon, which formed in the wake of the blast, with the aim of rebuilding the creative community in Lebanon, Beirut Re–Store will launch a special collection of bespoke items later this month, created to honour the country. This collection will include items by brands including Alaïa, Asai, Dior, Heron Preston, Jean Paul Gaultier and Supriya Lele.

The initiative was spearheaded by French-Lebanese sisters Laura and Sophie Tabet, along with Ulysse Sabbagh and fellow Lebanese creatives Flavie Audi and Emilie Kareh, who were moved to act in the aftermath of the explosion.

“We have been humbled by the amount of people that have come forward and answered the call to help Lebanon,” says Laura Tabet. “In these dark times, it’s deeply heartening to witness the artistic community coming together to create a movement that is beyond politics and beyond borders.”

Beirut Re-Store will be restocked on a weekly basis, with funds going directly to the most pressing needs – from shelter for those who have been displaced, and healthcare for those who have been affected physically and mentally, to financial support for small and medium-sized enterprises, which have also been impacted by the blast.

Explore Beirut Re-Store here and see a full list of contributors below.

Adrian Mesko, Ali Silverstein, Alice Bucknell, Ana Khouri, Andrew Erdos & The Chimney NYC, Angelo Pennetta, Antoine Wagner, Arnaud Lajeunie, Ashley Williams, Bibi Borthwick, Bobby Davidson, Brianna Capozzi & Maya Barrera, Broomberg & Chanarin, Brunehilde Bordeaux-Groult, cc-tapis, Charlie Masson, Charlotte Chesnais, Chris Wolston, Christian Letts, Coco Brun, Conner Ives, Cynthia Daignault & Curran Hatleberg, Dalila Barkache, David James, Dimitra Petsa, Dior Archive, Edward Cuming, Emily Filler, Emma Berliner, Erika Maish, Esther Theaker, Evan Tetreault, Faye Wei Wei, Felix Topolski, Fernando Jorge, Flavie Audi, Frank Lebon, Gala Colivet Dennison, Gavin Turk, Gemma Warren, Georges Massoud, Gigi Rose Gray, Goom Heo, Grace Wales Bonner, Gui Rosa, Haas Brothers, Hala Kaiksow, Halpern Studio, Hamish Pearch, Harley Weir, Hassan Idriss, Ibu Gallery, IDEA, Ignasi, Ignota Books, Indigo Lewin, Jack Davidson, Jamie Diamond, Jamie Hawkesworth, Jenna Westra, Jenny Hata Blumenfield, Jim Goldberg, Joe Sharaf, John Pawson & When Objects Work, Johnny Dufort, Joyce NG, Julie Verhoeven, JW Anderson, Kiko Kostadinov,  Laura Watters, Leeor Wild, Leo Fitzmaurice, Lily Gavin, Lotte Andersen, Louisa Ballou, M/M (Paris), MACK, Marcus Cooper, Mariana Cardoso & Guerreiro Gomes, Marie-Agnès Gillot, Mario Milana, Marion Mailaender, Martine Rose, Michel Harmouch, Miltos Manetas, Nadim Asfar, Naomi Bikis, Nick Waplington, Nicolas Jaar, Oliver Hadlee Pearch, Peana Projects & Tezontle Studio, Peter Puklus, Pierre-Ange Carlotti, Rafael Pavarotti, Rebecca Salvadori, Robert Elfgen, Roe Ethridge, Ronan McKenzie, Rory McGrath & Oliver Knight, Rozalina Burkova, Sammy Lee, Sara Naim, Savannah Mcmillan, Senta Simond, Silver Press, Sixteen, Sofia Mattioli, Sophie Buhai, Sophie McElligott, Sprüth Magers, Stephan Breuer, Studio Liam Lee, Tarek Shamma, The Gentlewoman Magazine, Theo Simpson, Thomas Sauvin, Tyrone Lebon, Valentina Cameranesi Sgroi, Vaquera, Victor De Rossi, Walid al Damirji and Yohji Yamamoto Archive.