In Pictures: If Gucci Gave Your Home a Makeover

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Gucci Décor
Souvenir From RomeCourtesy of Gucci

Whoever said less is more? An exclusive first look at the new Gucci Décor, which makes a strong case for maximalism

This year, we have spent more time at home than ever before. For many of us, our places of residence have become make-shift offices, gyms, pubs and restaurants. With our spaces becoming the centre of our own private worlds, there is all the more reason to fill our homes with things that bring us joy. This sentiment is at the heart of Gucci’s Décor line which, first launched in 2017, is “designed to bring the eclectic, romantic aesthetic of the house to life in a way that enables customers to creatively dress their own spaces”.

The Décor line is an extension of creative director Alesandro Michele’s joy-filled world at Gucci, which he has brought his definitive brand of fantasy and play to since taking the helm in 2015. This latest offering from the Italian house is no different, consisting of an eclectic mish-mash of bold colours, patterns and designs which take inspiration from everything from 1700s Rome to vintage 1970s furnishings. Brimming with woodland creatures, beautiful blooms, pop-art fruits, hallmark Gucci-logo designs and even an appearance from Mickey Mouse, the collection gives new meaning to the word kitsch. “There are no rules here,” says the house. 

As with previous collections, the newest iteration of Gucci Décor offers a diverse range of items, including porcelain oddities, plush soft furnishings like cushions and blankets, larger pieces including armchairs and hinged folding room dividers, and “for those who wish to make a particularly strong statement”, a selection of over-the-top wallpapers. One of the new “families” of designs in the 2020 collection is ‘Souvenir from Rome’, which references the beautiful marbled rooms of the Musei Capitolini in Rome, where the house’s Cruise 2020 show took place. Featuring a design that was used for the invitations for that presentation, the ‘Souvenir from Rome’ pattern is first hand painted to achieve a marble effect and then translated onto an array of pieces. 

Elsewhere in the 2020 collection is a range of pieces incorporating bold tartans, variations of which appear on fringed blankets and square cushions with coloured moiré backs, decorated with hand-applied animal patches that each take four hours to be sewn on. New also to the collection, but not to the house, are pieces emblazoned with Gucci’s recognisable Flora print, which was created by artist Vittorio Accornero for a special silk scarf which was presented to Princess Grace of Monaco as a gift in 1966. 

Gucci Décor is available in Gucci flagship stores and Gucci boutiques, online at and in select speciality stores.