Sam Taylor-Wood's favourite things

Acclaimed conceptual artist and filmmaker Sam Taylor-Wood was invited to be the first portrait sitter for Louis Vuitton's Double Exposure project.

"I've got a couple of favourite cameras, but the Leica M7 is the one I like to carry with me at all times. Otherwise I end up using my iPhone camera. I prefer to stick with film so the mistakes I make aren't just white-washed by digital life. Another favourite belonging is a postcard of Francis Bacon in Primrose Hill. It's a place I visit nearly every day and is close to where I live; it's where I think and breathe. It's great to see the park in the 1960s and realise nothing has really changed. I also have a 'Kiss Me Quick Hat' which is a memento from Nowhere Boy [Taylor Wood's directorial debut, released in 2009]. I didn't keep much paraphernalia from the film but this was special as they day we used it, everything was going really well. It brings back good memories. My Andy Warhol book is also very special to me – he's definitely an inspiration for me, especially in my film work. I love his ability to break rules. There's also The Velvet Underground and Nico LP – one of the best covers ever. An inside, some of the best music, ever."

Acclaimed conceptual artist and filmmaker Sam Taylor-Wood was invited to be the first portrait sitter for Louis Vuitton's innovative Double Exposure project. As shown in this exclusive behind-the-scenes clip, the project invites cultural innovators and creative leaders, artists, filmmakers, and performers, to sit for an individual portrait using the 19th century collodion wet plate photographic process. As well as holding her pose for photographer Tom Craig, Taylor-Wood also shares an intimate and diverse collection of treasured belongings.

Text by Laura Bradley