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Polly Brown's Theories
Photography by Polly Brown

Polly Brown Presents a Photo Study on Theories

Although titled 'Theory', Brown describes the second instalment of her dedicated AnOther column as being "more accurately, about the act of attempt; the liminal space that exists between experience and understanding"

PhotographyPolly BrownPhotographic EditorHolly HayTextNatalie Rigg
Lead ImagePhotography by Polly Brown

"Containing both a sense of attempt and failure, the pictures simultaneously miss the mark whilst trying to explain everything," reveals Polly Brown of her latest image series for AnOther, which sees the photographer zoom in on subject matter as disparate and obscure as plastic recycling bins and weathered surfaces in the hopes of finding universal assurance or rationale in theoretical thinking and visual commonality. She continues: "I was attempting to capture something abstract within an image, the attempt of theories to explain the world around us, and/or simply our own attempt to understand ourselves."