Montreal Through the Lens of Photographer Yimmy Yayo

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Photography by James W. Mataitis Bailey

We explore the hidden wonders of Canada’s cultural capital through the comprehensive eye of the LA-based creative

The French-Canadian city of Montreal is a buzzing hub of creativity for designers, photographers and architects alike, who are drawn to its striking juxtaposition of classical colonial buildings with austere modern structures – so it's little wonder that the progressive image-maker James W. Mataitis Bailey (aka Yimmy Yayo) felt an immediate connection with it. “The place and the people are amazing, everyone is supportive of each other and super hospitable,” said the Sydney-born, LA-based photographer who initially came into the limelight in 2008 through his brilliantly-curated blog (the success of which found himself working for the likes of Rihanna and LVMH), and here he presents a wandering visual tour of his experiences amidst the remarkable architecture and tranquil interiors. Part of Dazed and adidas Originals collaborative series of travel diaries documented by an assortment of prolific creatives, Bailey presents an intimate look at the city through the lens of an outsider: an exploration of its approaching winter and warm cheese toasties.

“A lovely lady stopped us on the street and asked for directions, I can't speak French, so my friend Justin fielded the questions.”

“Greenspot Restaurant was an amazing old school diner. The clientele were mostly 50 plus and dressed impeccably.”

“Signs of life in the face of the winter to come. Living rooms turn into greenhouses.”

“The Brutalist architecture in Montreal was incredible. It's as though there was a boom in that period and half of the buildings in the city went up in that style, not so subtly placed between heritage buildings and nature.”

“I've said it a few times, and it's still the same, fall is my favourite season. The colours and the transition into winter are so beautiful.”

“The last day was spent wandering solo through Parc du Mont-Royal, designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, starting to show signs of snowfall, but still the evergreens are holding on.”

“Winter hadn't struck in Montreal yet, but the signs of Christmas were there. I hadn't seen a real Christmas tree before this trip.”

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