The Bizarre and Beautiful Collages of Bryan Olson

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Gallery of MineralsArtwork by Bryan Olson

Step into Olson's alternate universe, where surrealism meets science fiction

Crowds of anonymous onlookers gazing awe-struck at a nearby galaxy; classic marble sculptures poised against a mountainous backdrop; legs without a body perched on a floral windowseat; Bryan Olson’s collages are surreal, to say the very least. Using intricate hand-cutting techniques to admirable effect, the artist constructs complex and bewildering scenes out of archive materials, from vintage magazine features to gemstone catalogues, capturing a hint of Dada-esque bizarreness in the process. The resulting pieces veer from an off-kilter nostalgia to sci-fi-soaked strangeness, and evoke all manner of cerebral connections in the mind of the viewer. How better to begin your week than with a few moments spent in his strange alternate universe?

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