In Bloom: The Flower Guy

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The Flower Guy Artwork by Michael de Feo
The Flower GuyArtwork by Michael de Feo

Michael de Feo's Instagram feed is a feat of floriculture (and a brushstroke of genius)

Michael de Feo, AKA The Flower Guy, has a love for flowers which extends far beyond frequenting garden centres at the weekend. For the past two decades he has been adorning public walls around the world with his now ubiquitous flower stencil, transforming the absentminded doodle into a symbol of peace with a series of simple brushstrokes.

Away from the streets and in the studio, however, the flower resonates in his work in subtler ways. Of late, de Feo has been channeling his admiration for 17th century Dutch still life paintings in his own distinctive manner on smaller canvases. By applying fingerprint-like paint petals to images from fashion campaigns and magazines, he conjures up meadows, manes and full costumes of flowers for his supermodel subjects, cultivating a world of flora on the barest backdrops, and they're sure to bring some joy to your day.

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