Five Good Things: Guinea Pig Games to Enviable Book Art

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Present and Correct curates the very best of this week's art on the web

To start us off this week we have a little game: Pig or Wig? from Isabel & Helen.

Israeli artist Gali Cnaani will make you view your bookshelves in a new light. She reverses the contents of libraries and intricately weaves the books together, to create magnificent patterns & textures.

Concrete fans will find a lot to like in Oliver Michaels' Architectural Composites series. He strings together parts of buildings spotted along particular routes, and the results are all something we would happily reside in.

70s sci-fi art is so spectacular in its scale, ideas, colour and airbrushing. This future retro genre has a Tumblr now, so you can admire future megalopolises from the comfort of your desk.

We love a fictional stamp project, often because the fantasy is better than the current reality. This series by Fabian Fohrer is based on the alphabet. Made nicely abstract, with a heap of gradient thrown in.