A Spoonful of Food Art

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© @ioanavanc

This week's Happy Monday proves that the best things come in small spoons

Some people possess an extraordinary talent for building houses out of playing cards; some can construct whole worlds out of matches; some however, like Romanian architect Ioana Vanc, are inexplicably astute at assembling tiny scenes, no bigger than the size of a teaspoon, out of food.

Never ones to deny the simple pleasure of very, very, small things, this series of pictures, ranging from a panda chewing on bamboo to a portrait of the inimitable Karl Lagerfeld, appealed to our sense of wonder. Whether it’s Zhouzhang Water Town, an entire village assembled from aubergine, white radish, pear, apple and potatoes, or a pensive Iris Apfel in black radish, cucumber, ham and apple, it’s simply marvellous.

Happy Monday! #anotherhappymonday