Five Good Things: Vintage Cabins and a Constructivist Swing

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A. Peter, Botanische Wandtafeln
A. Peter, Botanische Wandtafeln

The best of this week's online artworks, selected by Present and Correct

We find most sorts of diagrams very pleasing, but none more so than those depicting botanics. This Dutch archive, Geheugen Van Nederland, has over 100 pages of beautifully painted charts, covering everything from cell formation to the structure of palm trees and pineapples.

As part of London Design Festival, set design duo Isabel and Helen have created a Constructivist swing. It’s incredible! Who doesn’t want to rock back and forth on a giant triangle or circle? Malevich would be proud.

This week’s niche Tumblr, Scaffoldage, zooms in on scaffolding from around the globe. It’s fascinating to see towering lattices on trees and iconic structures, as well as the people scaling them. A must see for grid-lovers. 

It’s not quite hibernation time, but we’re not far off. There is still time to build yourself a perfect cabin for your winter sleep, and this book from 1961, entitled Second Homes for Leisure Living, has some fabulous designs. 

From vibrant rock totems to cut-out cloud structures, the new Ugo Rondinone show at Sadie Coles Gallery in London is the perfect antidote to gloomy days.