Five Good Things: From Breezeblocks to Lottery Tickets

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Bulgarian Lottery Tickets
Bulgarian Lottery Tickets

A curated collection of this week's best online artworks, brought to you by Present and Correct

"Every one is a winner when it comes to old Bulgarian lottery tickets. They are a pattern lover's dream, with a very strong 70s feel – even those printed in the 90s."

"Old Soviet and Eastern bloc graphics and ephemera will always fascinate us and this week we found a great site, Togda Zine, which archives such treats by era. Lots of great, solid type and graphics to pique curiosity and inspire."

"For a different kind of block we turn to a new Instagram account to follow, Breezeblock Head, which is dedicated to buildings which feature breezeblock patterns. Frank Lloyd Wright called them ‘Textile Blocks’, and we can see why."

"If you’re heading to Copenhagen soon there’s a new shop called Kaktus for your To Do list, and it’s dedicated entirely to cacti and succulents."

"We are very late to the game with Miniature Calendar but happy to have finally found it. It’s a witty miniature world where pins are balloons and tape dispensers become restaurants. So many sweet ideas for a morning smile."