Five Good Things: Succulent Icons to Urban Tapestries

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Don't Fool Yourself © Michelle Hamer
Don't Fool Yourself © Michelle Hamer

Present and Correct selects the best of this week's art on the web for your delectation

City scenes and signs take on a new meaning when artfully hand-embroidered by tapestry artist Michelle Hamer. The messages and sentiments ring true for anyone that has to navigate the urban jungle everyday. 

It may have been around since 2011, but this week we discovered this incredible walkable rollercoaster staircase sculpture called Magic Mountain, which is situated on a hill in Duisberg, Germany. Not only is it beautiful to look at but it appears to be the most fun ever (a trip is planned).

When in Paris, look down. This is what we have learned from Parisian Floors, an Instagram account showing the vast diversity of tiles, patterns and colours around the French capital. Mon dieu!

For some, us included, even writing a letter on a typewriter can be headache inducing. Not for Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt. Her patterns and symbols are dense, graphic delights which one can't quite get their head around.

Finally, a freebie. This set of cactus and succulent icons by Projekt Eden is delightful and free to download, and ticking many a trend box.