Five Good Things: Terrazzo Floors, Mint Musings and More

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Present and Correct selects the best of this week's art on the web for your viewing pleasure

We all love a colour specific Tumblr and this week's gem is celebrating all things mint. A visual refreshment for the eyes and heart. 

Anyone who has been to Japan will recognise the scenes of everyday life in these animated GIFs. Created regularly, the premise is simple and the results are beautifully evocative.

Terrazzo flooring certainly seems to be having a renaissance right now, and there is no better place to find inspiration than this vibrant Flickr group. The type, colours and shapes are nothing short of delightful. 

Everyday brings a different object of desire (or two) – such as these striking lamps by Odd Matter, which are inspired by the symbols and lines of basic circuitry. 

Robert Goetzfried’s photographic typology is like a visual encyclopaedia that keeps on growing, with compelling snaps of swimming pools, signage, theatres and more from around the globe. 

Finally, when it comes to writing your summer holiday postcards, why not seek inspiration from this handy word chart? All the more reason to order another piña colada...