Five Good Things: Numbered Tower Blocks to Marbled Floors

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Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 2.30
Courtesy of Peter Steinhauer

Present & Correct picks the best of this week's art on the web

A favourite discovery this week was the tower blocks of Singapore. Not only are they painted in great palettes but they are numbered too. Graphic.

Marbled paper is all very well but Snedker, in Denmark, can marble your floor! Fairly amazing, not to mention pretty.

Hazy, blushed paintings by Macarena Ruiz-Tagle (great name) have made us feel a bit fuzzy this week. Beautiful colours and the simplest premise yet most enveloping.

Meyer's Ornament, 1898, could have been drawn last week. A very modern collection of lines and grids to inspire and delight.

Michael Anastassiades' lamps have been tickling our fancy for a while now, and then along come some new chandeliers. Linear elegance worth selling a kidney for.