Five Good Things: Glittering Explosions to Retro Robots

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Christian 4
ExplosionCourtesy of Christian Weber

Present & Correct picks the best of this week's art on the web

Explosions are caught on camera by Christian Weber in this series of sparks and pinky hues. 

A new website showcasing the old cinemas of Africa caught our eye this week. A mix of modernist, deco & brutal architecture thus far, and they have only covered Angola. More to come.

Your next trip to the supermarket might take an unexpected turn after seeing the Mass Project. Impromptu compositions of similarly coloured objects are arranged with speed, all sourced from the store in question.

As technology brings new, and sometimes terrifying, developments all the time, it's nice to remember the days when robots would simply play a cassette tape. Retro robots is a great place to start.

Google Sheep View is this week's top Tumblr. For laughs, not inspiration. Unless you consider sheep as your muse.