Five Good Things: Geometric Floors to Snowbound Soviet Ruins

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The world's largest diesel submarinePhotography by Danila Tkachenko

Present & Correct picks the best of this week's art on the web

This series, shot by Danila Tkachenko, explores the landmarks and ruins of the Soviet Union's quest for technological advancement. Shot during the winter for maximum apocalyptic bleakness.

Javier Deriba is decorating abandoned, grey plots of land with fun geometric patterns. Inspired by tiles but actually stencilled and spray painted in location. It is not confirmed whether Javier takes bathroom commissions.

We love these 4" parties courtesy of Matthias Van Arkel. His layered, swirly, polished resin cubes are unique and beautiful.

Agence Eureka has the most outstanding Flickr stream – this week we share with you a pastel filled type book which would make Wes Anderson proud and an amazing collection of vintage advertisments.

Sadly not unveiled in Apple's PowerPoint presentation this week, Pierre Cerveau's concept for the 1987 iPhone. Kickstarter anyone?