Five Good Things: Virtual Geometry To Minimalist Ceramics

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Present & Correct picks the best of this week's art on the web

Our favourite tumblr this week comes in the form of, a veritable feast of hard cornered buildings, furniture, art etc.

A buff wall is one which was once covered in graffiti but has since been painted over, usually in mismatching tones. The results are often very attractive and, thankfully, there is a Flickr group to demonstrate this.

And whilst on the subject of geometry, as we so often are, you must check out John Pittmans's solid oeuvre. Panels of colour and tumbling rods highlighted with pastel blocks.

Candy coloured crockery for tea and cake, it’s a no brainer! we love this series by Sanyio. Summer in vessel format.

Free Flavour is one of our favourite sites, it is dedicated entirely to food packaging both old & new. All supremely attractive with noted sources usually to greater collections.

Finally, an added bonus that's perfect for a sunny day. The most useful site ever – it will tell you which pubs in your vicinity are in the sunshine.