Five Good Things: From Wes Lego to Heartbroken Buildings

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Wes Anderson Lego – The Royal TenenbaumsCourtesy of Matt Chase

Present & Correct brings us his favourite finds from this week's art on the web

Yet another Lego idea which they need to put into production. Wes Anderson characters! For now we are mentally collecting them all.

The Mini Paper Pavilion might make you want to move to Vancouver. This group meet fortnightly and make little pavilions from paper – we want to be in their gang.

You will never want another set of crayons again after you take a look at these beauties. Too nice to use, they would make wonderful earrings.

Colour blocking is still everywhere but it is nice to see it done in a new, layered way. Rebecca Ward paints onto translucent backdrops like silk and open weave canvas, so beyond the blocks of lovely shades you can see the framework holding them up.

Banners, type, melancholy. All evident in Abandoned Love, with some great coloured buildings thrown in for good measure.