Five Good Things: From Aerial Views to Paint in a Pocket

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© Earth Glance

Present & Correct brings us his favourite finds from this week's art on the web

We are always a sucker for an aerial shot of our planet. Earth Glance is doing a fine job of cherry picking the prettiest spots on our earth, the colours are dreamy!

Like homework trigonometry diagrams, but considerably more fun, the canvas panels of Duane Paluska caught our eye this week. Great colours and wayward box like shapes.

Perhaps not to everyone's taste but we do find a control room quite enticing. All of those pleasing buttons and dials beg to be messed with. This flickr group is an excellent place to visit, when you cant get into your local power station.

Geometrie, published in 1923, is a truly wonderful book of light texture and heavy shapes. All wrapped up in perfect complimentary palettes. Part of an incredible flickr collection.

We end this week with some paint in a plastic pocket by artist Ethan Kastner. Nothing more, nothing less.