Pastel-Hued Courts by Ward Roberts

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Photography by Ward Roberts

A series of Wes Anderson-esque sports courts, captured by photographer Ward Roberts, is this week's Happy Monday

If Wes Anderson were in need of a sports court (or ten) as a location for one of his films, Ward Roberts would be the man to ask. The Australian photographer spent four years documenting courts and fields from all around the world, and the resulting photographs are a visual feast, defined by their washed out colour palettes and intriguing formal propositions. Some of the best of these are the ones taken in Hong Kong, where a prevailing penchant for pastel-coured courts alongside pastel-coloured highrises makes for sumptuous snapshots. The works are both playful and reflective – the absence of figures bringing to the forefront of the viewer's attention the details that are so often overlooked in the hustle and bustle that surrounds a game of sport. Here, with the aim of spreading a little Monday cheer, we present some of our favourite images from the series for your delectation.

Happy Monday! #anotherhappymonday