Five Good Things: From Floral Biscuits to Sherbet Sculptures

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Courtesy of Bonappetit Magazine
Courtesy of Bonappetit Magazine

Present & Correct brings us his favourite finds from this week's art on the web

In honour of the arrival of the sun, we've been wondering what Spring might taste like, and we reckon Bon Appétit magazine may have found out. The most beautiful biscuits ever, pretty easy to make too.

A simple, but effective, blog showcasing the type and tiles of Berlin’s U-Bahn system. Lovely letters and colours to be seen.

Beer is always in season, never more so than when the sun is out. Accompany your pint with these graphic coasters, 100s of which are right here.

Sadly Peter Collingwood passed away a few years back, but the strength of his work lives on. Geometric, 3D weavings that threw the genre on its head in the most elegant way imaginable.

Using simple white shelves, lined with neon, Toshitaka Aoyagi has created calming sculptures reminiscent of sunsets and sherbet.