Five Good Things: Postal Architecture to Soviet Innerness

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This week's Five Good Things is a celebration of Soviet aesthetics, modernist architecture and pastel compositions

Starting with a postal theme, is a blog showcasing the best modern architecture as depicted on vintage postcards. A simple and attractive premise which is worth a bookmark.

Soviet Innerness is a brilliant blog showcasing Soviet interiors, generally through the medium of wallpaper and decrepit walls.

Hide Kawanishi is a famous Japanese illustrator, a genius in the art of woodblock. Yesterday we found this book online, 100 illustrations of Kobe, printed in 1962. We love it!

Our favourite project this week is Dear Data. Two transatlantic strangers are getting to know each other by drawing personal info graphics and posting them. They look great and exude personality and charm.

Clare Nicholson's daily feed of fun, pretty compositions will bring a smile to your eyes. Great shapes and colour using the most everyday of things.