Inside Björk at MoMA

Filmmaker Samantha Casolari provides a cinematic perspective on the Björk show in New York

The hype that surrounded the opening of the Björk retrospective at MoMA continues to draw visitors in their thousands through the doors, but for those of us stuck on the other side of the Atlantic, the show remains tantilisingly out of reach. Until now. Filmmaker Samantha Casolari took her camera inside to record an unusual and unexpectedly emotional vignette of the show for AnOther, soundtracked by the sparse ripplings of musician Valentin Stip.

"I am interested in evoking feelings and abstracting visuals," Casolari said, "and it was a bit of a challenge to apply this to a museum retrospective, where there is so little dynamism. I did not plan much of it, but as I was shooting the video my unique focus became the visual side, stripped of the narrative that the Songlines element provides. And the way I approached it was to get lost into it, to get overwhelmed by the costumes, the figures, the videos, the music sheets, the mannequins. That is why I ended up making a kaleidoscopic trip into her visual art, almost a stream of consciousness of my feelings of the installation. I wanted to see how I would react to the show and how that reaction could be translated into a video."

Björk is at MoMA until June 7.

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