Five Good Things: Cosmic Crema to Colourful Control Panels

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CremaPhotography by Charles Grogg

Present & Correct picks five of the best of this week's art on the web

Our trawls across the internet this week have unearthed a multiplicty of great finds, from sculptures made of sponges to control panels guaranteed to make Wes Anderson fans swoon.

Who thought that negative shots of espresso creme could be so attractive? Charles Grogg did. You can see them here.

Whilst we appreciate that control panels are not for everyone they are a great source of graphics and colours. This Flickr group would do Wes Anderson proud.

For fans of simple, graphic shapes and patterns this tumblr, Often Minimal, will make your day. Regularly posted illustrations in black & white to calm and inspire.

Takashi Suzuki has ensured that you will never look at a household sponge in the same way again. His growing number of compositions is delightful, like candy and cake.

To finish we present these marvellous coat hangers, well scarf hangers really. They are by Laura Carwardine and we love them.