The Art of Reflection

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The Edge Effect, 2012
The Edge Effect, 2012Artwork by Daniel Kukla

A selection of the best reflective artworks around, perfect for gloomy January

Since January is the time for reflection we’ve taken it as our theme for this week's Good Things. Bringing you the fairest mirrors in all the land.

In his mirror series Alex Da Corte covered them in shampoo. The results are so much more than what one would expect.

When we think of mirrors we think of Lex Pott. The silvered surface was oxidised, to varying degrees, creating patterned but still functioning mirrors.

It may now be defunct but this was a lovely tumblr of mirrored buildings. They all take on a new structure, akin to gemstones, and for that it still remains a favourite.

A simple premise yet something not seen before. Bing Wright's sunsets in broken mirrors are so pretty!

Daniel Kukla placed mirrors into areas of outstanding beauty, creating works of art using the most basic of raw materials.

Jim Hodges' giant reflective rocks would put a crystal ball to shame. Like giant jewels and so perfect should you want a disco.

Finally, it's a little dull outside today so turn your browser into a kaleidoscope.