The Art of Sweets

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Sweet Veggies, 2012
Sweet Veggies, 2012Photography by Wendy van Santen

Good Things goes for your sweet tooth this week, with a round up of the best candied art

Everyone loves some pick'n'mix and a penny chew. Myriad colours and shapes, yet curiously only one real taste – sugar! This week we rummage through a pink striped paper bag and select our favourite sweet treats.

Damien Poulain collaborated with a Dutch sweet company and used their confections to recreate tribal masks. The results are all wonderful though induce feelings from joy to horror.

There is something melancholy about an empty chocolate tray, and Chuck Ramirez captured this in his series of photos. In their empty state he considered them to be a metaphor for mortality – used, enjoyed and then discarded.

Giant sweets are the stuff of your Willy Wonka dreams, and this notion was made real (almost) in the furniture of Kollektiv Plus Zwei. Their collection of stools, tables and benches make you feel like you have shrunk and gone to heaven.

Wendy Van Santen has solved the dilemma of kids not eating their greens, she has combined them with sweets! 

Will Cotton directed that Katy Perry video, and looking at his paintings you can see why. His fabulous worlds of candy floss, rock, marshmallow and naked ladies are all painted in oil but still leave you feeling like you're in for a sore tooth.