The Art of Leaves

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Rowan leaves laid around hole, October 25, 1987
Rowan leaves laid around hole, October 25, 1987© Andy Goldsworthy

They are currently strewn all over the pavements, but this week's Good Things demonstrates how creative you can be with the humble leaf

Leaves are finally decorating everything but the trees and so this week we wave them off with a fond farewell and a selection of their alternative uses. They make an excellent raw material for artists and designers alike.

A flotilla of glowing leaves created by Miyo Ando. The leaves were coated with a phosphorescent resin which charged up with daylight before releasing it once darkness fell.

We love Virgin Honey's leaf sculptures. Sweet, graphic reworkings of the shapes we all know and love.

Andy Goldsworthy has many imitators but he is the master of using what nature provides. His leaf arrangements are iconic and beautiful.

Old books make perfect cut out leaves, as Robert The has discovered in his ‘Tractatus’ piece.

There many leaf alphabets online but our favourite is this one by Studio Gloeilamp. Perfectly cut, complete with stalk and also available in the positive or negative.

If you haven’t got your Halloween outfit sorted yet then perhaps take inspiration from Azuma Makoto. Known for his work with flowers and flora in general, this series shows him combatting a bad hair day with some leaves.