Frieze Frame: People at the Art Fair

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People at Frieze 2014
People at Frieze 2014Photography by Anthony Gerace

Photographer Anthony Gerace provides an insider angle on Frieze London 2014

This past weekend art has been the dominant topic, both of conversation and Instagram, as Frieze took over Regent's Park and innumerable other venues across London. We love the art fair, not only for its eclectic array of great things to see and do, but also – perhaps principally – for the people who attend.

Like fashion week, Frieze acts as a petri dish for the many facets of London's art and culture scene. It welcomes elegant gallerists and their extravagantly clad artists, the über-rich collector and the commentator with their eyebrow perpetually raised, the quietly interested and those interested in being seen. All told, a journey through the stands provides insight not simply into the current climate of contemporary art, but also the characters who pull the strings. With this in mind, we sent photographer Anthony Gerace inside the fair to capture the atmosphere within.

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