The Art of Clouds

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Filippo Minelli, Silence/Shapes
Filippo Minelli, Silence/Shapes© Filippo Minelli

Today we're looking at clouds, but exclusively at their silver linings – from pixelated cirrus and animal shapes to smoke bombs in the name of art

Clouds will forever fascinate us earth dwellers, for their infinite guises and mysterious ways. As Londoners, we are no strangers to a cloud or two, and even the greyest ones can be rather lovely. Here we round up some other favourites.

Daniel Arsham snapped clouds on his smart phone, blew them up into pixel format and then recreated them using coloured ping pong balls. All of which is fine by us.

Your dreams of sleeping in a cloud can be reality thanks to the Cloud Hotel. Designed by Zebra3, the hotel – like a real cloud – is mobile so you can float it wherever you wish.

Artist Spencer Finch often features clouds in his work. As stationery obsessives his clouds made from scotch tape really tickle our fancy. It’s a beautifully simple idea made from an everyday material.

The wonderful Cloud Appreciation Society offers membership for £4, which is a great gift for any cloud lover. They also have a good archive of clouds which look like other things.

Berndnaut Smildes' clouds in rooms are not camera trickery or cotton wool. Using light, water and air, he creates actual clouds for a brief moment, just long enough to capture a photo.

Until nature works out how to make coloured clouds we will have to make do with the work of Filippo Minelli. His smoke bombs released in areas of outstanding beauty create a perfectly framed fantasy.

Before the summer goes make sure you grab a cone and create an ice cream cloud.