Wish I Was Here

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Wish I Was Here: Roy Lichtenstein's Sunrise
Wish I Was Here: Roy Lichtenstein's SunriseIllustration by Olivia Domingos

AnOther takes on the end of summer with iconic artist's views reimagined as Wish I Was Here postcards by marvellous illustrator Olivia Domingos

Some of the most potent visual landscapes that occupy our brains are false – reconfigured through the prism of the artist’s eye. In reality, a pool has never looked quite like Hockney’s, no sunset has been as primary as Lichtenstein’s and even photographer William Eggleston’s field of yellow and purple flowers has been given an patina of irreality through his lens. It’s the brilliance of art, taking you to far away places, even to places that don’t really exist.

As summer ebbs away, and postcards skim through the letterbox from the smug friends and family who took their holidays later than you, we’re turning the Wish You Were Here motto on it’s head, asking illustrator Olivia Domingos to reimagine famous artist’s vistas as postcards, inscribed with the plaintive refrain Wish I Was Here.