Visual Families: From Birds to Veg & Hip Hop Heads

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Summer Movies, 2011
Summer Movies, 2011By Post Typography, from Visual Families © Gestalten 2014

Lending method to the madness, 'Visual Families' catalogues our everyday existence

In linguistics, a selection of words that pertain to a single concept, connected by similarities of lexis or connotation, are known as a 'semantic field'. In the visual world, the premise is much the same. Such groupings and families permeate our existence, denoted as such by their species, their profession, or even their fictional prevalence.

From the iconic eyewear of the silver screen, to the surprising day jobs of our favourite poets, all themes are encompassed in Gestalten's upcoming release, Visual Families: Graphic Storytelling in Design and Illustration. A vibrant compilation of graphic design and illustration, the book explores the way we process the world and our daily encounters, lending a visual language to our conceptual interpretation. 

Lending method to the madness, clarity to chaos, structure to semantics, 'Visual Families' marries form and content in engaging and witty, yet thoughtful compositions. Our visual vocabulary is translated; arranged to facilitate a better comprehension of the world around us. Scratch the surface and we discover that this dialogue is everywhere.

Visual Families: Graphic Storytelling in Design and Illustration is published by Gestalten.

Text by Abigail Gurney-Read