Brilliant Balloons

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Andrea Galvani, Death of an image #5, 2005
Andrea Galvani, Death of an image #5, 2005Courtesy the artist and Artericambi, Verona, Italy

On what would have been Andy Warhol's 86th birthday, Good Things celebrates the best of balloon art

Today would have been the great Andy Warhol’s birthday, so we’re celebrating with a bit of pop art in the form of lovely balloons. Do you see what we did there? (Disclaimer: this week's Good Things is not suitable for those with globophobia).

First up, dressage takes a fashionable turn with these photographs of horses decked in balloons from Andrea Galvani, reminiscent of Gray Malin's brilliant images of llamas and balloons. Guidance may be required, but one must suffer for fashion.

The three most satisfying things to write on are balloons, soles of shoes and bananas. This blog, Inflated/Deflated, experimented with the former, writing questions and ambiguous statements on various coloured balloons.

Set designer Gemma Tickle created a series of fabulous geometric balloons for her POP exhibition earlier this year. If only balloons actually came in these geometric forms.

Balloons have long fascinated artists, their simple, nostalgic beauty drawing people in. Koons aside, we’ve put together a couple of our favourite balloon led large scale installations. Like giant balls of gum this installation by Merjin Hos should be considered for the Thames.

Next up, balloons and polyhedra, courtesy of Amy Joy Watson. You can’t go wrong really.

Having visited the Martin Creed balloon room at the Hayward recently, the next one on our list is William Forsythe. One thousand white balloons suspended from a ceiling is a fine sight indeed.