The Art of Video Games

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Donkey Kong
Donkey KongCourtesy of Pica Pic

Is it too soon to be nostalgic for old computer games? We don't think so, as Good Things celebrates all things nineties and 8-bit

Playing a game on your phone, on the train home, does not compare to the after school joy of plugging a van-sized box into a bus-sized television. Who’d have thought that plinky plonk music and pixelated graphics could be so nostalgic. So in this week's unusually interactive Good Things, we're all about the video games .

A blog devoted to the beautiful and surreal 8-bit landscape pictures from old video games. You will never see a bluer, more uniform sky.

Consollection is the best online museum of old consoles, in all of their plastic, cuboid glory. A combination of great colours, graphic keys and 8-bit heaven.

With a tumblr for everything possible, it is no surprise that there is one for video game art. Yes, art which is seen in video games. Niche, but nice.

It’s so hot in London today so ditch the work, sit in the sun and play 80s handheld LCD games. Pica Pic is a site for playing, and admiring, those handheld devices which seemed so hi-tech back in '92. Donkey Kong anyone? 

If you’ve got a piano, or any other instrument for that matter, then why not throw a recital of all your favourite Super Mario tunes. Find the sheet music here.