The WAG Identification Guide 2014

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ShakiraIllustration by Olivia Domingos

Presenting Olivia Domingos' WAG Identification Guide for Brazil 2014

In every televised football match there’s a moment when the camera pans round to the stands to give us a shot of the beaming wives and girlfriends of the famous footballers on the pitch. But unless the commentator deigns to identify these nameless pretty people for us, anybody but the most hard-core football fan would be left clueless as to their identities. But be confused no longer. These illustrations by Olivia Domingos provide a handy WAG Identification Guide to tell the Shakiras from the Rooneys, so you can show off your obscure knowledge of the fashionable football plus ones currently enjoying the excitements in Brazil.

Pop icon Shakira took up with Spanish football star Gerard Piqué in 2010, and they now have a son, rather unpatriotically named Milan. This illustration draws attention to her tousled hair and sassy Latin wardrobe.

Alex Gerrard
Stephen Gerrard and his model-come-columnist wife Alex have been married since 2007. She can be identified by her fastidious eyebrows and ostentatious shoes.

Coleen Rooney
Coleen and Wayne are one of football's greatest couples. When it isn't contained in a trucker cap, Coleen's hair is full and wavy.

Fanny Neguesha
After his winning goal against England last Saturday, Italy's Mario Balotelli and fiancée Fanny Neguesha certainly have reason to celebrate. Perhaps they'll give their Pomeranian a fittingly garish collar.

Irina Shayk
Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk are an absurdly sexy couple, as demonstrated on the June cover of Spanish Vogue. But their dog Caesere is also a star, apparently fathered by one of the labrador actors in Marley & Me.

Sara Carbonero
Sara Carbonero, wife of Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas, is a sports journalist and presenter who was voted 'Sexiest Reporter in the World' by FHM magazine in 2009. She keeps her hair wavy, her eyebrows trim and her retrievers golden.