Video Premiere: Lady Fortune by Serafina Steer

In an exclusive AnOther premiere, we present Serafina Steer's latest music video from her Jarvis Cocker-produced album The Moths are Real...

Singer, songwriter and harpist Serafina Steer has been wooing listeners with her unique and ethereal brand of folk since her first album's release in 2007. But it was her 2010 record, Change is Good, Change is Good, that caught the ear of Jarvis Cocker – he heralded it as one of his favourite albums of the year – and in turn sealed the fate of Steer's third album which was released this January and produced by Cocker himself.

Entitled The Moths Are Real, the 31-year-old Londoner's latest offering boasts a rich and engulfing soundscape, owing in part to Cocker's desire to introduce more instruments and sounds into her musical palette. "[He] is unfazed by big ideas," she said in a past interview. "He wanted a musical landscape, using other instruments to guide the listener and make my songs more evocative."

Here, in an exclusive AnOther premiere, we present Steer's music video for the album's third single Lady Fortune, directed by filmmaker collective mmmmmfilms (Luna Montenegro, Gines Olivares and Adrian Fisher). Taking the song's bewitching melody and sibylline lyrics as their starting point, the directors drew their initial inspiration from the Rider-Waite drawing of The Wheel of Fortune tarot card. "The strange animals and beings around the corners of the card became ideas for contemporary objects that could interrupt Serafina's bicycle journey along the canal," they explained. "We made references to medieval illuminated manuscripts to create a ride that could take the viewer towards other worldly relations and unexpected happenings."

The Moths are Real by Serafina Steer is available now.

Text by Daisy Woodward