California Dreaming

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Behind the scenes of Mercedes-Benz A/W13 campaign
Behind the scenes of Mercedes-Benz A/W13 campaign

AnOther presents exclusive behind the scenes images of Mercedes-Benz A/W13 campaign, shot by Ryan McGinley, featuring model Karlie Kloss...

Whilst the A/W12 campaigns are currently occupying the pages of the latest magazines, brands and image-makers are already focusing their attention on next year's campaigns. Last month, the shoot took place for the Mercedes-Benz A/W13 campaign. Shot on location on one of California's biggest ranches, photographer Ryan McGinley and creative director Jefferson Hack captured stunning shots of model Karlie Kloss and a beautiful grey stunt horse named Ice.

Spanning nearly 270,000 acres, the historic Tejon Ranch was founded as a Mexican land grant. In the decades that followed, the ranch grew in size as additional land was purchased by Tejon’s founder, General Edward Fitzgerald Beale, a historic figure in early California. Its 422 square miles make it about as large as the City of Los Angeles and about 40% the size of Rhode Island. Tejon Ranch is focused on carrying out its long-term vision of conservation, continued ranching and farming, and the creation of high-quality, environmentally sensitive communities on a small portion of its land.

Here, AnOther exclusively presents a selection of behind the scenes images, showcasing the rugged terrain and private moments between McGinley and Kloss.