Anish Kapoor's Gangnam Style

Indian- born British sculptor Anish Kapoor has made a Gangnam Style film in support of fellow artist Ai Weiwei...

Who? Indian- born British sculptor Anish Kapoor has made a Gangnam Style film in support of fellow artist Ai Weiwei.

What? The original Gangnam Style single was released by South Korean pop artist PSY in July this year. It has since been viewed over 780 million times on YouTube and is the site's most second most watched video of all time. Inspired by the K-Pop hit, Kapoor invited Amnesty activists and leading members of the cultural world to his London studio to create his own version, choreographed by Akram Khan.

The film features appearances from artists Bob and Roberta Smith, Mark Wallinger and galleries and organisations such as MoMA, Guggenheim, New Museum and many more. Look out for AnOther contributor Sir Norman Rosenthal recreating those crazy Gangham moves. The film was immediately removed from the web by the Chinese authorities.

Why? It's a dull dreary day in London and this brilliant film couldn't have arrived at a better time. Loaded with humour, it makes ones smile, and better, still, it has a serious powerful message. “Our film aims to make a serious point about freedom of speech and freedom of expression. It is our hope that this gesture of support for Ai Weiwei and all prisoners of conscience will be wide-ranging and will help to emphasise how important these freedoms are to us all", said Kapoor.

Text by Laura Bradley