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Festive Photos from AnOther’s Favourite Photographers
Photography by Lina Scheynius

Christmas, as Seen by Nine Photographers

We invited nine photographers – who have either contributed to or been featured on this year – to submit a photograph evocative of the merry season. Here, see their festive submissions

Lead ImagePhotography by Lina Scheynius

Christmas and the weeks leading up to it are a sentimental time for many of us, evoking cosy memories of platonic and familial giving and receiving, gluttonous lunches at the dinner table, and passing out on the sofa. Its smells and decorations are so distinguishable it’s almost an offence to enjoy them at any other time of year. Here, as Christmas draws closer, AnOther asked nine photographers to submit a photograph that evokes the feeling of this season’s festivities, along with a short quote about their work.

Lina Scheynius (lead image)

“I grew up in Sweden where winters are long, dark and freezing. Things that help you get through and enjoy them: Cosy lights or candles, warm blankets and snuggling with loved ones. Slowing down and hibernating. This is a photo of me and my boyfriend at the time from many winters ago.”

Bex Day

“Holly, my model for this photograph, is into kink, including BDSM and needle play, so that was the inspiration behind this particular festive shoot.”

Joseph Lokko

“This self-portrait was shot in July 2020 in my bedroom, in between looks for a project meditating on the death of a fictional celebrity. Pared down from the intended full masked look, I’m wearing a slip dress with a ‘job lot’ of tinsel from eBay attached to the bottom and red fetish pumps and stockings.”

Matthew Leifheit

“For Frank, every day is Christmas.”

Coco Wu

“Early morning pastry run in long bubbly socks, hot water bottles and tea filled with spices. Slow down, take time, hibernate a little.”

Jessica Madavo

“Aheem, Clara and I wandered the Heath on a cold Tuesday morning. The sun kissed the water like magic and a second later two beautiful swans appeared. A fleeting moment, but one that is captured forever.”

Johana Kasalicka

“I captured my friends saying bye after we spent some lovely time together. That’s my favourite thing about the festive season – Christmas get-togethers. No one can ever say no to these, so you finally get to meet even those friends who you weren’t able to see in the last couple of months.”

Rachel Fleminger Hudson

Despite this photo not being intended this way, it speaks to the great glistening spectacle of Christmas – its glorious viciousness wrapped up with a shiny red foil bow!”

Isabel MacCarthy

“2022, another year has flown by … A year of beginning to understand love, death and the strange world we live in. A year of thinking, looking and listening. Things change, life moves quickly.